July 22, 2021
Why It’s Important to Have Your Plumbing Inspected Regularly
by Alex Lee

How often are you really thinking about your home's plumbing? Even though you and your family likely use your bathroom multiple times throughout the day, you probably don't think too much about your water pipes. However, ignoring the plumbing in your home can have serious consequences. Here are several reasons why checking your pipes and plumbing regularly is crucial:

Rotted Pipes

One major reason to check your pipes and plumbing is to be aware of any rotted pipes. After decades of usage, pipes can start to rot. Rotted pipes can lead to other major issues in your house. For example, you might notice that the toilet is constantly overflowing. Also, in the event that you want to sell your house, you may have trouble doing so if the pipes are in bad condition.


Flooding in your house is one of the most major issues you can come across as a homeowner. Failure to check your pipes regularly could lead to a huge disaster. For example, you might go to use the downstairs bathroom one day only to discover that the shower or toilet from upstairs has flooded into that space. Calling a professional plumber is an easy way to have your pipes checked regularly to avoid a flooding disaster.

Mold Growth

When you think of a flood, you likely envision an issue that you would notice right away. However, a slow drip could be occurring in a part of your house that you don't frequent too often, or possibly be happening inside your walls. By the time that you notice the issue, mold could have started to develop and grow. Some types of mold can even threaten your health; but by getting your plumbing checked out, you can identify potential sources of mold growth before they become an issue.

Preventative Measures

Even if you don't currently have plumbing issues in your house, be aware that they could happen in the future. By getting guidance from professional plumbers, you can learn about the types of issues to watch out for. Instead of getting surprised by a burst pipe or mold in the basement, you can take preventative measures to keep these issues from happening in the first place.

The pipes in your home are critical and they help to keep your house running. If plumbing issues arise, you could find yourself facing costly repairs. Fortunately, you can avoid these types of issues by keeping an eye on your pipes and giving attention to the plumbing throughout your home. Also, be sure to have your plumbing checked out regularly by professionals!

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